March 23, 2021

It feels like an eternity since we played in front of an audience. The pandemic wrecked everyone's plans for 2020, including ours. When it became obvious that this thing wasn't going away any time soon, we took some time off to focus on work and personal endeavors. 2021 brings a modicum of hope that we could get back to normal one day soon.

So, what have we been up to during the pandemic? We moved! We bought a new place and set up an awesome new rehearsal space. We are currently setting up a new studio to record. Recently, we've started writing and rehearsing new music! It's pretty exciting despite the chaos that 2020 wrought...

2021 is all about looking forward (for everyone). We have new ideas that we can't wait to bring to the stage! When the time is right, we'll start scheduling shows and getting back in front of everyone.

For now, stay safe! 

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